uPhotogifts on Holiday in Looe Cornwall

Looe Cornwall

uPhotogifts on Holiday in Looe Cornwall

uPhotogifts on Holiday in Looe Cornwall. The day has arrived, Chris is going on his first holiday since the COVID outbreak, and he is extremely excited! Take a read through his daily adventures while enjoying the much-needed time off.

Day 1: Travel, Looe & Accommodation

It is sunny and we are ready to go. I set off at 6am to beat the traffic and that I did, even with a stop off in Bridport for brekkie and essential food supplies, I didn’t get delayed at any point on my journey. It took roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes to get here from our West Sussex Headquarters.

We arrived very early at around 12pm so we heeded straight into Looe. The sun is shining, and it is a stunning day. Lots of people around and everyone is very friendly.  We looked around most of Looe’s great gift shops and artisan stores. We need some classic fish & chips and decided to take a break. I decided to sit on a bench at the harbor and watch people crab fishing off the pier.

Walking along in the great sunshine it is surprising how crystal clear the water is here and how great the sandy beaches are. After taking many photos and videos we decided to head back whilst grabbing a cheeky ice cream.

Arriving at the park where we were staying it is a great area with a unique manor building hosting the club and amenities. Trelawne Manor is great! We have 3 bed caravan with a cool terrace and seating.

Day 1 is nearly over, and I am going to chill with some ciders and some entertainment in the club. Perfect day so far, looking forward to day 2!

Looe Cornwall

Day 2: Trip to Mevagissey

After a much needed lay-in today, the weather again was looking great. We decided to head to Mevagissey to wander around the port. We got there during the late morning and tackled the local gift shops which were superb! I grabbed a few gifts for family and friends and then headed to the port.

It is a very lovely little port with great views out to sea. The sea was a bit choppy but we stood there for a while taking in the view. I was pleasantly surprised when we spotted a seal in the bay, after a few minutes of trying to catch a photo (with no success) but I finally got a video!

Being in Cornwall it would be rude not to grab a pastie! We picked a cool little place called Mary’s Pasties, let me tell you for £4.50 it was the biggest thing I have ever seen; it was delicious! I couldn’t eat the whole thing, so I gave the remains to 2 cute doggos we were sitting close to (permission from owners of course).

After taking some photos and great videos, we decided to head back, stopping at some places and to get some dinner on the way home.

Now time to settle, work and load some of these photos to our software. My photobook is starting to take shape.

Day 3: Trago Mills & The Lake

A quieter day today after a very tiring couple of days. We visited Trago Mills which is a department store which practically sells everything. It is a great looking building set in a valley which has a mill. The river runs through the grounds and is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Thereafter, we headed to the local fishing lake which is beautiful. It was lovely sitting and relaxing whilst watching my step dad fish. The sun was shining so caught some rays and relaxed.

The evening we headed to a pub for some food, it was a lovely meal as we were celebrating a birthday. A good little catch up after a day of fun and relaxation then back home to bed.

Day 4: Plymouth

Today we visited Plymouth, it wasn’t a sightseeing visit, it was just a shopping trip which was great! Loads of clothing choices and your general town shops. We had to cut it short as the rain unfortunately arrived. The best part of the journey was heading over the Tamar bridge which is very grand and incredibly high.

All in all, a good day! Now for Bingo!!

Day 5: Glass bottom boat

Today I am filled with excitement, I don’t think I have ever been on a boat, but today is the day!

Luckily the weather has cleared and we have beautiful blue skies all around! We head to the boat which is very reasonably priced at £10 for 45 minutes.

We start by heading out of the port to sea, where we can see Looe Island. The tour will take us around the island and back in. It is so amazing as there is great scenery and the island is stacked with history. It was once owned by two ladies who lived on the island and travelled back and forth to the mainland every day. We were told that one of the ladies grew potatoes on the island to make moonshine and other spirits. The captain also told us that Richard Branson once put a bid in to buy the island for a whopping £45 million but to stop that from happening the ladies sold it to charity for £1 and it has since become a wildlife and marine sanctuary to keep it protected.

Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy in the water so we didn’t see anything through the glass bottom, however we did catch sites of quite a few seals who kept bobbing their heads in and out of the water.

It really was the best experience of my whole holiday. On the way back I did treat myself to a few gifts from the shops.

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