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Softcover Photobook Products

Softcover Photobook Products. We have a great range of softcover photobooks available for any occasion.

Our fun quick and cute little softcover Photobooks

Our fun quick and cute little softcover Photobooks are in and are incredibly popular in today’s world! Therefore they are a very sought-after and heartfelt gift that can be created for any occasion, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baby Births, Holidays etc.

Collect Photos

Do you have old photos that need to be converted digitally and added into a printed photobook? This shouldn’t be dreaded and uPhotogifts have great software to create the perfect photobook. The uPhotogifts team that are happy to help along the way.

Softcover Sizes

Precious memories are something that we want to cherish forever. There is no better way to hold on to these memories than creating your own softcover photo book. Filled with pictures that capture the special moments in our lives.  The most popular softcover photobook at uPhotogifts is the A5 Landscape, however other sizes include A4 Portrait, and Small Square.

Layouts, Background & Scrapbooks

We also have created a great range of layouts, backgrounds & scrapbook images to help you create the perfect photobook product.

Page layouts range from 1 photo per page up to around 15 photos all varying in size and shape.

Backgrounds are arranged in events and are perfectly suited to compliment your finished product. They range from Birthdays, Weddings, babies and more.

Scrapbooks are also available, fun quirky little images that can be placed separately to photos and backgrounds, which will add the fun side to your book. Images can range from hearts, quotes, flowers, and loads more.

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