A4 Landscape Standard Hardback Photobook

Hardback Photobooks, precious memories are something we all want to cherish forever. There is no better way to hold on to these memories. Convert your treasured memories and social media snaps into a forever keepsake. PAGE COUNT 20-140pgs, Postage from £5.56.

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themed photobooks

Hardback Photobooks

Hardback Photobooks, precious memories are something we all want to cherish forever. There is no better way to hold on to these memories.

Do you have loads of photos and want to create something amazing? Photobooks are in and are incredibly popular in today’s world! They are a very sought-after and heartfelt gift that can be created for any occasion, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baby Births, Holidays etc.

Do you have old photos that need to be converted digitally and added into a printed photobook? This shouldn’t be dreaded and uPhotogifts have great software to create the perfect photobook. The uPhotogifts team that are happy to help along the way.

Precious Memories

Precious memories are something that we want to cherish forever. There is no better way to hold on to these memories than creating your own hardback photo book. Filled with pictures that capture the special moments in our lives.  The most popular photobook at uPhotogifts is the A4 Landscape Standard, however other sizes include A4 Portrait, Small Square & Large Square.

Layflat Photobooks

If you are looking for an extra special touch then Layflat photobooks create stunning spreads which gives you the perfect finish.

We also have created a great range of layouts, backgrounds & scrapbook images to help you create the perfect photobook product.

Choose the size of your book

When you create your annual photobook, you need to decide on what type of book you want to make. There are two types of books that are the most popular: hardcover and softcover. The hardcover book will be higher quality but more expensive than the softcover book. The next step is deciding on what size book you want to make. The size of your book will depend on how many photos you plan to put in it and how much space you have in your home or office for displaying it.

Upload photos from your computer or phone

The process of creating an annual family photobook is made easy with uPhotogifts. All you have to do is select the photos that you want to include in your book and upload them. You can also add captions and edit them, if needed.

Add captions to your photos

A great way to create a lasting memory of your family and is excellent to document the growth of your children, capture the memories from vacations, and show off your family’s personalities.

To make your photo book look professional and polished, you will need to add captions for each photo that tells the story of what is going on in the picture. You can also include captions for photos that have text on them or if there are people you want to thank in the photo.


Page layouts range from 1 photo per page up to around 15 photos all varying in size and shape.


Backgrounds are arranged in events and are perfectly suited to compliment your finished product. They range from Birthdays, Weddings, babies and more.

Scrapbook Pictures

Scrapbooks are also available, fun quirky little images that can be placed separately to photos and backgrounds, which will add the fun side to your book. Images can range from hearts, quotes, flowers, and loads more.

Themed Photobooks

Our range of A4 Landscape themed photobooks have been specially designed by our team to make your life easier. We have catered for major events throughout the year and your life such as, BirthdaysWeddingsChristmasMothers & Father’s DayBabiesChristening plus more. All you need to do us add in your photos and order.

Gift Photobooks

Photobooks are a great gift idea for people who love taking photos. It is a perfect way to showcase your photos to the world and is a great way to preserve memories.Traditionally they were mainly used by photographers as a portfolio, but they can also be used for personal use or as gifts.

There are many companies that offer photobook printing services, which allow you to print ship the photobook straight from their website, so you don’t need to go anywhere in person. uPhotogifts offers online and downloadable software to create your book, allowing you flexibility.

One of the unique features of these books is that they can be personalised with text or captions on every page and they are made with high-quality paper so they last longer than just one viewing.

Holiday Photobooks

A great way to keep memories fresh. You can look back on them anytime, anywhere and share them with all your loved ones. These books are more than just photos, they tell the story of your life and capture all the emotions that you felt during special moments. Have you recently been on an overseas holiday? Spent the Christmas holidays with your friends and family and want to cherish the moments a little longer? Creating a photobook is the perfect way to do this! Showcasing all of your favourite moments together in one place, rather than scrolling through a mountain of photographs or your devices.

New Born Photobooks

Preserve memories of a new born. They are the perfect gift for grandparents who want to see the new addition in their family and for the parents who want to remember every moment of their baby’s first year.

The best part is that they are not just limited to new borns. They can be made for any occasion – from graduations, weddings, and other milestones in life. They are also not just for professional photographers or those who have a lot of time on their hands but can be created by anyone with the desire to preserve their memories in the form of an album.

Photobooks are a great way to document your memories and share them with others. They can be created for any event, from weddings to the birth of your new born baby. A lasting memory that you can show off and share with friends, family, and future generations.

They have become popular in the last few years, and there are many reasons for this. They’re cheaper than professional photography and offer a lot of creative control over the finished product. Also more affordable than albums, so you can have more photos printed on high quality paper with less cost.


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