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MyBook Collection

Ready-to-use My Photobooks 6×4

Introducing the My Photobooks 6×4 collection, which is easy to use at home and a big advantage of the collection being that you do not need a binding system. You choose a pre-made cover, staple your photos together and stick them in the cover. You can choose from different themes, suitable for every occasion. With this MyBook collection you can quickly create a finished photo book.

The collection combines a beautiful and elegant presentation solution coupled with an easy to use design.

Due to the simplicity, these photo books allow you to create beautiful works with minimal effort.

How to use

Simply grab your photo prints, staple then bind. The beauty of these photobooks is that they do not require any glue or machine. Simply gather your prints, staple them then adhere your pages.

Available Themes to choose from

  • Animals
  • Babies
  • Black Silk
  • Congratulations
  • Holiday (Summer & Winter)
  • Sweet Love
  • Thank you

Features and benefits

  • Easily create beautiful photo books in seconds
  • Self-Adhesive binding guarantees solid, durable hold
  • Multiple sizes to easily meet your customer’s needs
  • Sleek and clean finish
  • Variety of themes to choose from

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