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Peel & Stick Photo Book 6 x 4

The perfect, easy photo gift solution with the Peel and Stick Photobook 6×4

Want to create an easy to use and simply beautiful 6×4 Self Adhisive Photobook. A sleek black photobook that allows you to stick in your photos as you go along, or if you have heaps of printed photos that are tucked away in a box in the cupboard and forgotten about. Why not put them all together in the lovely Peel & Stick 6×4 photobook where your cherished memories will stay without the fear of them getting damaged.

A great gift for a loved one or a friend, teenager or even for grandparents.

Use your own photo prints to create a personalised photo book or have us print them for you.

  • Print your pictures and stick them to the self-adhesive pages
  • 12 Self adhisive pages and a front sticker for a cover photo
  • The Photo Book is pre-bound so you don’t need a binding machine
  • Easy to use
  • Fun project to put your photos together in an album

6 x 4 Peel and Stick Photobooks Specifications

  • Size: 6×4
  • No binding machine needed
  • 12 Pages for your photo’s

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