New Year – New Memories

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New Year – New Memories

New Years Resolutions

At some stage we all begin to think of our New Years Resolutions. Whether it is to exercise more or spend extra time with our loved ones. We look at the New Year with hope and excitement that it will be a better year, however sometimes our resolutions only last a little while and we tend to go back to our usual habits, but don’t let set backs get you down!  

The Year Ahead

Going into 2022 we have a lot to be excited for, even though there are some moments where we need to dig a little deeper to find something that will ignite our passions. After many of us have had a little time off over the Christmas period we can all go into the New Year feeling rested and recharged for a hopeful year of no lockdowns, no Omicron and a new look at what makes us happy.

The memories of the past year

We want to look forward and only remember the special and happy moments of the year before. There are hundreds of ways to do this, whether it be remembering a special day, occasion or moment while visiting friends or family, going through your photographs on your mobile phone, going through our Facebook memories, the ones that pop up reminding you of what you had posted years before! Sometimes they can be embarrassing or create a lovely and warm feeling reminding you of a special moment in time where you were having fun!


Why not incorporate your memories into a Photobook? Allowing all your favourite pictures to be in one place that you can look through for years to come!

At uPhotogifts we have so many Photobook options to choose from, allowing you to create your own perfect book of memories.

The perfect answer

Through the wide range of Photo Gifts that can be found on the uPhotogifts website we have selected a few of our A4 Hardback Photobooks that are perfect for creating your photobook easily

A4 Landscape Hardback Photobook

A4 Landscape Hardback Photobook

Convert your treasured memories and social media snaps into a ‘forever keepsake’ with a uPhotogifts photobook. Each page can be customised to fit the memories that you hold with each picture. Choose from a wide range of layouts, numbers of pages and even add your own text!

Photobook Software

The easy to use software allows you to create your photobook from your tablet or PC. With the software linking up to your very own online account, you are able to create even while on the go! Not only are you able to add large batches of photographs, you can also select photos from other, older projects and even directly off of your Facebook account! It doesn’t get easier than that! Not really fussed about where each of the pictures goes within the book? That’s fine, you can select your picture box layouts and once these are on your pages you can choose to autofill the boxes… Easy as 1,2,3!

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