Valentines Day


Breaking down our best Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Love is all around! Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries are two important days of the year to show someone a little bit more love than usual. Over the years Valentines Day has truly changed from not only showing your partner the love that you have for them but it also includes your bestie or family member.


Remember the days when you were in school and had a crush on someone? We would always get excited for Valentines Day as it was the one time that you could let someone know that you liked them by giving them a small, yet meaningful gift or card. It’s the one day when even the shyest of us have the courage to talk to the one we like.  

Love is all around

It is truly difficult to miss days like Valentines, when walking into a store the shelves are overflowing with gifts, your email inbox fills up and while watching TV you are loaded with reminders.

Memory filled Photobooks

What better way to show someone the love that you have for them than to create a photobook full of your memories together? Being together for years or months, it doesn’t really matter! Add your first photo together, your first holiday, engagement photographs. Each moment together as a couple is memorable, so why not cherish them! At uPhotogifts you are able to put all of these memories together.

Choose from hardback and softcover photobooks on offer or choose a themed template especially created with Valentine’s Day in mind, with this template hard work is done for you, just add your photos and text.

Photobook Software

Using the uPhotogifts photobook software you can fill your book with memories and create text to vocalise your love. Photobooks can be customised further with the unique scrapbook elements including love hearts and amazing backgrounds to really bring it to life.

Your favourite photo on a Photo Panel or Frame

A picture speaks a thousand words, and uPhotogifts have some great Panels and Frames to allow you to showcase them in your home.

A3 Wood Photo Panel

The uPhotogifts wood photo panel will make a unique work of wall art for your home. Bringing out the natural beauty of your photographs on a beautiful piece of wood.

Bamboo Panels

These panels bring a beautiful piece of bamboo that is extra thick for a stunning finish to showcase your photos, available in 6×4 and 8×10 inches.

Light Photo Panels

This ready to use panel from uPhotogifts has an adhesive which allows you to stick a photograph directly onto the Panel and comes with an acrylic sheet for that extra finish. Available sizes: 10×15 cm, 15×20 cm and 20×25 cm.

Acrylic Love Heart Frame

Decorate your Mantle with the 6×4 Acrylic Love Heart Frame, showing your love on Valentines Day to your significant other with a thoughtful gift that they will cherish for years to come.

Magnetic Attraction Photo Magnets

The uPhotogifts personalised photo magnets are a perfect way to decorate your fridge with your favourite photos!

Framed Magnets

A daily reminder of wonderful memories with the one you love!  The black frame truly finishes the overall look of the magnet. Available in 4×4 and 6×4 inches.

Bamboo Magnets

Placed on elegant bamboo wood, turn any metal surface into a photo gallery with the uPhotogifts personalised photo fridge magnets. Photo magnets look stunning on display anywhere, from a locker to your fridge door a great gift for your significant other.

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